October 1

Well it came the final day , the final ride. We road from Landsford to Antelope Wells Mexico. The journey became complete. We finished the Contential Divide Ride. A ride of 2745 miles the longest off road ride  We started out riding as a group till we turned off the dirt frontage road and on…Read more »

September 29

Today’s ride was another event.  We traveled from Apache Trails to Silver City New Mexico. The route today was 110 miles all along the highway because of rains.  I was having problems with my bike still this morning so I road in the lunch van to mile 49 to start the ride. I road today…Read more »

September 28

Today went fromPie Town to Apache Creek.  This journey was 57 miles. However because of yesterday’s mud bath myself and 3 others took the lunch van for the day. I have now put in a used set of brake pads on the rear wheel and have no front brakes. I’m in good shape compared to…Read more »

September 27

Route was from Grants to Pie Town Mew Mexico. A route which should have been 87 miles.  A few of our hearty souls make the distance on dirt others toook the highway which would have been the better choice. Day started off kinda of nice   Didn’t look like rain would happpen so we were…Read more »

September 26

Today we have a rest day in Grants New Mexicowent to the mine museum today. Good tour with a recreation of a mine underground. Bit worried about tomorrow because of the large threat of rain. Weather says maybe flash flooding and over an inch of rain is predicted.  Hopefully this will change. Time to do…Read more »

September 25

Our day started early because of the route and miles. Breakfast was at5:30 am. Still dark but that’s what happened. Our route was from Mesa San Luis New Mexico to Grants New Mexico a total of 87 miles. The ride took 7 and 1/2 hours to ride. The dirt this morning was hard packed and…Read more »